Maiasaurus means 'good mother'. This dinosaur was herbivore and could eat about two hundred pounds of leaves and berries and seeds every day. Some Maiasaurus shared nests and nested close together. Their love for the young ones became evident with the fossil remains of a Maiasaurus that had died hugging the young ones. Maiasaurus nests had about 25 eggs that were the size of grapefruit, at a time. The dinosaurs lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 80 million years ago.

Maiasaurus weighed about 6 tons and stood 30 feet tall. They appeared like large plant eating dinosaurs and weighed between 3 and 4 tons. Maiasaurus had a bill that was wide and flat and toothless. The Maiasaurus was a plant duck billed dinosaur, with many cheek teeth, which meant that the teeth were positioned at the back and sides of the mouth. It had a small crest on the head, in front of its eyes. The Maiasaurus was four legged and very long, but it moved slowly.

The dinosaur used its tail for protection. The fossil remains of Maiasaurus were discovered in North America, in 1978. Each hand of the Maiasaurus had four fingers and the feet had a claw each, similar to a claw. This dinosaur walked on all four legs, but ran on two only.