Megalosaurus means 'Great Lizard' and this dinosaur was a large meat-eating theorpod that roamed South England, France and Portugal, during the middle Jurassic period, nearly 170 million years ago! It was the first dinosaur that was ever described from a bone that was discovered from a limestone quarry in England, way back in 1676.

Megalosaurus lived in present day Europe and it hunted down Stegosaurs, Iguanodon and Sauropods. It is also believed that the Megalosaurus was a scavenger. It was a very muscular carnivore and probably even hunted the largest sauropods. Considering the size of the Megalosaurus, it was a marvel how the dinosaur fed itself. Contrary to the claims made by a number of books dedicated to dinosaurs, no Megalosaurus fossils have been discovered in the continent of Africa.

The carnivorous Megalosaurus was also the subject of the first ever scientific description of a dinosaur on record. It was described and went on to be published by William Buckland in the year 1822. The description was formed on the basis of the scattered bones unearthed of the vertebrae, hip and hind limbs, and that of a lower jaw fragment. The jaw bone was observed with some teeth that were dagger like, intact.