Protoceratops means 'First Horn Face'. The dinosaur was the size of a sheep and was about 2 m long. It was a plant eater and lived during the Upper Cretaceous Period. The Protoceratops ramed modern day Mongolia. It was a member of a group of early horned dinosaurs. However, the Protoceratops did not have well-developed horns.

This dinosaur had a large neck frill at the abck of the skull, probably to protect the neck and to impress other members of the species when displayed. The size and shape of the frill varied. While some specimens had short and very compact frills, others flaunted frills that stood out nearly half the length of their skull! The frill comprised mostly of parietal bone and squamosal. The difference in the sizes and shapes of the bones has been attributed to sexual dimorphism and age. Protoceratops was about 1.8 meters in length and stood 0.6 meters tall, at the shoulders. This four legged dinosaur had a large skull.

The Protoceratops had a big beak and four pairs of skull openings. The foremost holes fucnitoned like the nostrils, but was considerably smaller. The dinosaur had large holes for its eyes, around 50 millimeters in diameter! The cheeks of the Protoceratops had large jugal bones.