Spinosaurus means 'spine lizard'. This dinosaur is of the genus of the theropods that lived in present day North Africa. It roamed the earth in the Cenomanian period of the Cretaceous Age, about 100 million years ago. The fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in the 1910. Although the original remains were destroyed in the Second World War, additional skull material has been unearthed.

Spinosaurus had a distinctive spine which was a long extension of the vertebrae. It grew nearly 6.6 feet long and the connecting skin probably formed a sail like structure. It is also suggested that Spinosaurus were muscular and had a feature like a hump or ridge. This feature was probably used for thermoregulation and to display. The Spinosaurus was the largest of all meat eating dinosaurs, and even larger than T.rex.

Spinosaurus was around 16 to 18 m in length and about 9 tons in weight. This dinosaur is well-known due to its size, sail like feature and elongated skull. It had one of the longest skulls, about 1.75 meters long! The narrow snout was filled with conical teeth, six or seven, on each side of the upper jaw and the premaxilla bones. There were twelve in both the maxillae at the rear. The spines were longer, front to back at the base.