Stegosaurus belongs to the genus of the stegosaurid dinosaur that roamed the earth in the Jurassic Age, in North America and Europe. The Stegosaurus was distinct in features for its spiked tail and plates. The name Stegosaurus means 'roof lizard'. It lived some 155 million years ago, amidst the sauropods.

The Stegosaurus was a large plant eating dinosaur. It had a very distinct and unusual posture. The Stegosaurus had an arched back and short fore limbs. Its head was held low and its stiff tail was poised high in the air. The Stegosaurus faunted an array of plates and spikes. The spikes were probably used as defense machanisms, while it is believed that the plates could have been the same, plus doubled up as a heat control feature.

Stegosaurus was nearly the size of a bus and its unique anatomical features were never shared with the other stegosaurians. It was around 30 feet long and stood a good 14 ft tall! It was a quadrupedal, or four legged dinosaur and also one of the easiest to identify because of its double row of plates rising vertically and its arched back. The hind feet had three toes each and the fore feet had five toes each. The forelimbs were shorter than the hind limbs. The skull was low, probably to feed on low-growing vegetation.