Velociraptors belongs to the family of Dromaeosaurids, like the Deinonychus. These running lizards had long and low heads. It roamed freely in the Asian terrain and is considered as a relative of the Deinonychus of North America. Velociraptors were distinct in appearance because of the large claws on the toes that were retractable and the highly flexible arms. Velociraptors had a stiff tail. These dinosaurs were fierce and very agile hunters. In fact, it was the discovery of the Velociraptors that changed the long held notion that dinosaurs were slow.

Velociraptors lived in the Gobi Desert during the Cretaceous Period. They were meat eating animals and formidable predators. Components of their deadly armory included the big claws, speed and the group hunts they executed. They fed on large plant eating dinosaurs and killed bys talking from behind. They used their claws to wound the prey repeatedly and then pull the animal down.

The Velociraptors were bipedal or two legged dinosaurs. They had a long and low skull and an up-turned snout. The claws of the Velociraptors were nearly 2.6 inches long! The predatory claws were used to tear into the prey. Velociraptors hunted in packs and formed a triangle around the prey.