The Ankylosaurus, or the 'fused lizard' was a dinosaur that was tank-like in appearance. Its upper body was heavily protected with an armor of thick and oval shaped plates that were within its leathery skin. This feature protected the Ankylosaurus from the contemporary carnivores. It had two rows of spikes along its trunk and large horns. The horns stood out from the back of its head. The Ankylosaurus had a tail that was club-like in appearance.

Ankylosaurus were bird hipped dinosaurs and had bony plate like projections that protected the eyes. Other than its under-belly, its whole body was plated. It lived amidst the carnivores like the Tyrannosaurus and Deinonychus. The club shaped tail was a weapon of sorts used by the Ankylosaurus as protection from predators.

Ankylosaurus was herbivore and diasid, which means that it had jaws set with socket set teeth. It sustained itself on huge amounts of plants that grew on low-lying areas. Its body probably featured a fermentation compartment like organ to help in the digestion of the plant material that was tough. The Ankylosaurus was between 25 and 35 feet long and stood at a height of 4 ft. It lived around 70 million years ago. The fossils have been discovered in Western USA and Canada, North America and South America.