The name Giganotosaurus stands for 'giant southern lizard'. The name is probably derived from the fact that the fossils of Giganotosaurus were discovered in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina. The name is pronounced as 'jig-a-not-oh-saw-rus' and this dinosaur was named by Rodolfo Coria and Leonardo Salgado, as recent as 1995.

The Giganotosaurus was a carnivore and this meat eater fed on other large, plant-eating dinosaurs that roamed the earth at the same time. Its teeth were used more for cutting, rather than crushing and it had a good sense of smell. The Giganotosaurus was between 44 and 46 ft long and stood 13 ft tall at the hips. It weighed 8 tons and walked the earth during the cretaceous period, which is nearly 110 million years ago.
Giganotosaurus fossil remains were first unearthed by Ruben Carolini, who subsequently also lent his name to the species - G. Carolilii. Giganotosaurus is believed to have been longer than T. rex! It belongs to the phylum chordata. This indicates that the animals had a hollow nerve chord that ended in a brain. They had socket set teeth and the lizard-hipped dinosaurs were bipedal or two legged. The carnivores were advanced theropods. Giganotosaurus had a brain that was the shape and size similar to that of a banana!